Hsiao Sung Non-Oxygen Chemicals since its inception in 1976 with the share by 90% as the biggest and first oxygen absorber maker in Taiwan that has been dedicating all devotion to R&D of food preservation and moisture absorption over years is headquartered in Wufeng District Taichung City.

The Company markets the products under the name O-BUSTER worldwide covering the EU, North America, South America, Australia and Asia. The O-BUSTER oxygen absorber with the maximal oxygen absorbability in the world was a great success in the R&D and making history. In 2012, the O-BUSTER oxygen absorber with greater absorbability able to work under the extremely low temperature in the cooling and freezing circumstances was another success.

The main products are oxygen absorbers, desiccants, ice keepers, alcohol sachets, fresh keepers and green desiccants widely used in the industries of food, electronics, agricultural processed items, metal hardware, shoes making, leather, machinery, medicine and wooden articles. Upholding the motto of Leading Technology with Top Quality, the Company has been making the products adequate to respective businesses.

The brand O-BUSTER as a private name of the Company is well known in Asia as well as in the world. In 2001, the Company founded the factories in China and Vietnam in charge of R&D for products adequate to the local users. Currently, the Company has been successfully promoting the products to the world and thus becomes a business known by the world via having the sales offices and factories in China and Vietnam.

The motto of the Company is the Company believes in honesty and faith and quality is the life to a business. Thus, the Company as a world brand made in Taiwan anticipates that the quality, safety, skills and services are available to our customers.