1.What to do if a desiccant (silica gel) is swallowed?
(1)Please do not feel panic and such non-toxic material does no harm to human body. No apparent side effect has been found in any studies and cases. If no severe discomfort occurs, it requires no need to take any antidote or do any emergency countermeasure.
(2)Since the ingredient unable to be digested can be excreted naturally, no discomfort will appear normally. However, it is recommended to visit a physician if any discomfort occurs.

2.Will the green desiccant affect human body if it is swallowed?
No, the green desiccant made of natural minerals able to be excreted naturally is non-toxic.

3.Will an oxygen absorber affect human body if it is swallowed?
The O-BUSTER oxygen absorber is verified to be non-toxic by the laboratories in Japan and Taiwan and the small dose swallowed fails to affect human body, so it is needless to take any antidote. However, please visit a physician if any discomfort occurs.

4.What is the difference between an oxygen absorber and a desiccant?
An oxygen absorber that absorbs oxygen in the package prevents the growth of microorganisms, oxidation, deterioration, and smell of oil whereas a desiccant that absorbs moisture in the package can only keep the inside dry.

5.How to deal with an oxygen absorber used?
Please litter it as common garbage.
The ingredient harmless to the environment due to the non-toxic quality can be filled or incinerated without pollutants exerted.

6.Is an oxygen absorber food-contact safe?
The specific material of the packet verified by SGS with the oil-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, leak-proof and air-through quality is food-contact safe.

7.Can an oxygen absorber extend the original expiration?
Although an oxygen absorber can theoretically prevent the growth of microorganisms, oil oxidation, the growth of worm eggs and flavor deterioration, it is impossible to preserve the food inside for good due to the slight sum of oxygen, water leaking, oil cracking, free radical reaction and anaerobic bacteria. The expiration extended by oxygen absorber can be 3 times of the original, but it is dependent on the testing.

8.Why does an exothermic reaction appear if a package with an oxygen absorber sealed inside is opened?
Due to the safe capacity of oxygen absorbability, an oxygen absorber that contacts the air again will keep reacting with oxygen and therefore exothermic reaction appears. On the contrary, the seal might be not airtight if such reaction fails to appear.

9.Shall the cotton and desiccant sealed in the drug bottle be littered once the bottle is unsealed?
(1)It is necessary to litter the cotton and desiccant sealed inside once a drug bottle is unsealed.
(2)The cotton used to prevent the damage of drug during the shipment will absorb the moisture in the air once the bottle is unsealed and therefore moisten the drug and even absorb the ingredients of sublingual tablets like NTG.
(3)Likewise, a desiccant that absorbs moisture will moisten the drug once the bottle is unsealed.