About Desiccants


Desiccants with good ability to absorb water molecules prevent moisture from condensation in the environment with high humidity.

Normally, desiccants applicable to foods, agricultural products, machinery, leather finished items, electronics, glass fiber, plastics, medicine, timber and paper-made items prevent the items delivered by aircrafts and vessels
from becoming dampened. O-BUSTER is damp proof.
The good capacity and quality can be maintained by putting desiccants aside your cutting edge devices.
The O-BUSTER desiccants have the hyper moisture absorption.
Most of all, desiccants as odor, color and moisture absorbers are used widely to industrial and home application. They prevent foods and drugs from becoming dampened and rancid. They prevent optical and electronic devices from becoming dampened and rusted, too.
Bacteria and molds growing fast with adequate temperature and humidity cause changes in quality and colors and dampen the foods.
The humidity in the air affects electronic devices and causes low capacity. It is crucial to maintain the production line dry by desiccants to avoid the risk of defected items