The O-BUSTER successfully invented the highest oxygen absorbability oxygen absorber in the world.

In 2012, the O-BUSTER oxygen absorber created another success with greater absorbability to work under the low temperature in the cooling and freezing circumstances.
Custom-made oxygen absorbers for specific foods

For tea、Smart type、Moisture dependent、Special Vitamin C、Organic (iron powder free)、For micro-oven

For pet feeds、For feeds、For coffee、For CTM herbs、For rice、For nuts、For low temperatures

Specific oxygen absorbers
The sachet of oxygen absorbers employs the multilayer compound against the risk of ingredients disclosed.

The powderized alcohol renders the good efficacy in contrast to conventional alcohol cotton pads.

The capacity is good with the private high-tech auto-production and the high-speed packaging machines imported from Japan.

The Company commissions the inspection and verification to the academic institutions and makes the complete report on functions available.

Certification of ISO9001/22000

The batch No control throughout the raw material, semi-finished and finished items is done for fulfillment of traceability.

High-tech QC laboratory: Oxygen tester, Aw analyzer, rapid moisture meter, transmission tester, leak tester, chamber with constant temperature and humidity, freezing incubator, spectrophotometer, etc.

The oxygen absorbers are packed by air exhaust. The integrity of packing and validity of product can be viewed under the oxygen indicator.

The certificate of analysis (COA) is available.

The Company is solely certified by the US FDA DMF No. 23236 in Taiwan.

Japan Food Research Laboratories certified non-toxic.

MSDS No. 41021512-002