O-BUSTER Oxygen Absorber (FT-type)

O-BUSTER Oxygen Absorber (FT-type)


O-BUSTER oxygen absorber (FT-type) regularly sells to dozens of countries around the world, and has considerable practical experience in both the food industry and academic institutions. O-BUSTER oxygen absorber has rich practical experience and has passed many international certifications. O-BUSTER is an ideal choice for extending the shelf life of food and keep your products safe.

Characteristics and Effects

O-BUSTER oxygen absorber is an iron-based oxygen absorber and has the characteristics and effects of general oxygen absorber. The following main functions are listed:

  1. Inhibiting the growth of most molds to generally extends the shelf life of foods
  2. Preventing flavor change, nutrient loss, and the generation of harmful substances caused by the oxidation of compounds such as lipids and alcohols
  3. Preventing oxidative loss of water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins
  4. Preventing larvae from hatching and suffocate them
  5. Postponing the discoloration and blackening of fresh fruits and vegetables
  6. Extending the expiry date of health products and medicines
  7. Reducing the use of food additives with potential adverse effects on human body

O-BUSTER oxygen absorber has excellent oxygen absorption capacity, and can achieve the designed oxygen absorption capacity under extreme environmental conditions. O-BUSTER oxygen absorber can effectively prolong the shelf life of products, prevent oil oxidation, food discoloration, and preserve food flavor and nutrition.

In the research paper “Efficiency of oxygen: absorbing sachets in different relative humidities and temperatures” (Cruz et al, 2007), experiments used our company’s O-BUSTER oxygen absorber FT300 to evaluate the efficiency of oxygen absorbing sachets under different relative humidity and temperature. This study found that at ±25 degrees Celsius and 85% relative humidity, O-BUSTER oxygen absorber FT300 can even absorb twice the designed absorption and reach 650 ml absorption.

In another research paper “Evaluation of absorption kinetics of oxygen scavenger sachets using response surface methodology” (Braga et al, 2010), three commercial deoxidizers were used for method testing, including our company’s O-BUSTER oxygen absorber FT20. We can find from the research results that our company’s O-BUSTER oxygen absorber is the only oxygen absorber among the three products that can achieve the designed oxygen absorption under various conditions of temperature and relative humidity.


When Packing

  • Please read the precautions carefully before use, so as to avoid the product from failing to achieve the expected effect
  • Client’s products using oxygen absorbers should be labeled “Contains oxygen absorber to maintain quality. Oxygen absorber is not edible or Please discard it immediately after unpacking.”
  • Oxygen absorber have no inhibitory effect on anaerobic and facultative anaerobic microorganisms. When selecting products, clients should fully investigate or consult our company.
  • When receiving the products, clients should check whether the product is in normal condition, and pay attentions not to damage the packaging when unpacking and make the product invalid accidentally.
  • To achieve the best deoxidation effect, oxygen absorber should be matched with packaging with low oxygen permeability.
  • When taking out the product to be packaged, oxygen absorbers should be dispersed, spread out and packaged within 1 hour to avoid oxygen absorbers lose efficacy.

To Consumers

  • Iron-based oxygen absorbers should not be microwaved. If you need to microwave, oxygen absorbers must be taken out in advance to prevent danger.
  • The oxygen absorber is designed for one-time use only. It is recommended to discard right after opening to avoid people from eating by mistake.
  • If you do not feel uncomfortable after eating a small amount of this product by mistake, no additional treatment is required. You can wait for the human body to excrete it naturally. (If you do feel uncomfortable, please consult a doctor.)